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Respacing empty buildings so that everyone benefits.


The ReSpace Alliance is supporting the nationwide transition to a healthier, more fair and sustainable society, combatting wastefulness and inequality – promoting creativity and social cohesion. 


The Alliance is a co-created ‘safety net’ for communities: An organised and efficient network of public and community-owned spaces, to share resources, skills and knowledge – support communities and the third sector.

Become a member of the ReSpace Alliance.

Stay tuned for updates and project opportunities.

Membership is free and open to everyone.

Builders are community groups, schools, charities, cultural spaces and places of worship.

Membership is free 

Supporters fund coordinators, who help communities access space, resources and expertise.

The Alliance supports communities and social sectors.


Community venues in otherwise empty buildings can host whatever local people need. Somewhere to start a business, learn a trade, self-organise, or just have a cup of tea and charge your phone. These spaces can also house homeless people and grow food if we put our minds to it. The Alliance is designed to support the wider network of community projects, meanwhile spaces and social enterprises, by providing access to resources and knowledge. 

The ReSpace Alliance has three core principles:

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Help to identify wasted resources for community use, such as empty buildings, construction materials, food, equipment and textiles.

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Surplus space and resources will be prioritised for use by communities, third sector groups and those most in need.


Support mutual aid hubs, community projects and the third sector to collaborate and share resources across their networks.

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